Thursday, February 4, 2016

Steve Reich with the London Sinfonietta - 17 Mar 2016

Preeminent minimalist composer Steve Reich is heading to town with the London Sinfonietta to present a programme of his music. On the bill are his celebrated Clapping Music and Music for 18 Musicians as well as more recent works: Electric Counterpoint for the electric guitar and tape, and Radio Rewrite, inspired by the music of Radiohead.

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Donizetti's 'Rita' by New Opera Singapore - 13 April 2016

New Opera Singapore presents a production of Donizetti's small-scale comic opera Rita. Check out the details below for more information:

Director - Stefanos Rassios
Rita - Felicia Teo Kaixin
Pepé - Jonathan Charles Tay
Gasparo - Brent Allcock
Piano - Kseniia Vokhmianina

Show Details:
April 13th 2016
Wednesday 7.30pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio

Rita, the unreasonable and abusive wife of the timid Pepé, finds her life thrown into turmoil with the unexpected arrival of Gasparo, her first husband whom all believed to have drowned in an accident. In reality, Gasparo had run away to Canada. Believing that Rita too has died, Gasparo has returned to obtain her death certificate so that he can remarry.

However, as it turns out, both of them are very much alive. Pepé, on the other hand, sees this as his chance to finally escape his matrimonial obligations because Gasparo is her legitimate husband.

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Sonic Traveler - 13 and 14 Feb 2016

Sonic Traveler is a jazz fusion band from Hong Kong that combines Western and Chinese instruments. They have performed to critical acclaim in Asia and Europe at various music festivals including the Borneo Jazz Festival in 2011 and Bordeaux Music Festival in 2012. They will be performing at the Esplanade Recital Studio on 13 and 14 February as part of the Huayi Festival. Check out their performance video below and click on the link to find out where to get tickets!

Shrek the Musical - 8 to 19 June 2016

Fans of the Dreamworks animation film Shrek can look forward to this live adaptation featuring all your favourite characters. Every pair of VIP, A, B and C Reserve tickets purchased at selected SISTIC outlets will also get you an exclusive Shrek ang pow, while stocks last. Check out the Events Page to find out where you can get them!

Blue Man Group - 29 Mar to 10 April 2016

The famous Blue Man Group will be performing in Singapore from 29 March to 10 April 2016. Check out the video below to find out why they are one of the world's top live performing acts, and get your tickets at the Events Page!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gong Linna in Concert - 14 Feb 2016

Its not often that Chinese folk singers get to be internet viral stars; Gong Linna is certainly the one that comes to mind with the performance of her song Tante, where she delivered the nonsensical lyrics with breathtaking vocal technique and no-holds-barred delivery which equally amused and impressed Youtube users. While many around the world have spoofed her performance, none have come close to matching the style and ability of the original.

Since then, Linna has managed to transform her viral fame into a long-term performance and recording career that, while not as flashy as her breakthrough hit, has garnered her a loyal fan following and respect from the industry.

So here's your chance to catch up with Gong Linna's career as she presents a one-night-only concert in Singapore. Read the write-up below for more information:

“Her voice, a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, was commanding and full of feeling”
– New York Times

Gong Linna presents an unforgettable concert that showcases her unique vocal artistry, combining incredible technical mastery with a variety of dramatically different Chinese singing techniques.

After her performance of Tante 《忐忑》went viral and garnered over 100 million views on social media, Gong became a household name across China known for her fantastically vibrant vocals. Together with her German composer husband Robert Zollitsch, also known as Lao Luo in China, Gong Linna has released many songs of different styles, all influenced by Chinese traditional music, folk tales and ancient poems. They have been acknowledged as the groundbreaking founders of the genre “New Chinese Music”, a new authentic musical identity deeply rooted in Chinese culture yet profoundly contemporary.

In this concert, Gong performs songs inspired by ancient Chinese poetry including Li Bai’s Bring in the Wine, Wang Wei’s Journey to the Peach Blossom Spring, Qu Yuan’s The Mountain Spirit, as well as her original compositions Walking the Path of Life, Free Bird and Hope.

Date: 14 February 2016
Time: 5pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Ticket price:
$38,* $58**, $78^
Concession for students, NSFs and senior citizens: $27*, $41**
^Esplanade&Me specials available
Website URL:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Chamber Music Recital 'Dreams and Mirages' - 8 Mar 2016

The next installment of the Esplanade's Spectrum series is a recital by SSO flautist Roberto Álvarez, harpsichordist Tien Yang and pianist Shane Thio entitled Dreams and Mirages. The trio will present a programme of new chamber works, all Singapore or world premieres, that promises to give you a new perspective of what a harpsichord can do. Here's more information:

Esplanade Presents | Spectrum

Dreams and Mirages
by Roberto Álvarez, Tien Yang and Shane Thio
8 Mar 2016, Tue, 7.30pm
Esplanade Recital Studio

“Trust those who seek the truth but doubt those who say they have found it.” - André Gide

Not everything is as it seems. We will follow our dreams until the land with no frontiers, where time no longer means what we think. Traditions from centuries ago melt with new trends: ancient instruments play new tunes, and old melodies are brought to the present by our contemporaries.

Three of the most sought-after musicians in Singapore, flautist Roberto Álvarez, harpsichordist Tien Yang and pianist Shane Thio join forces to bring a programme of Singapore and World Premieres. New pieces composed for the flute, harpsichord and piano in different combinations that will break a few rules and sweep away stereotypes of harpsichord music.

1hr, no intermission

Limited concessions for students, seniors and NSFS: $15

^Esplanad and Me specials available. Sign up now at to enjoy savings.

Tickets available at SISTIC