Thursday, July 11, 2013

Scholarships for Masterclasses with Mirella Freni

Mirella Freni is conducting a series of masterclasses and are tapping into social media to hand out schoarlships. All you have to do is record an audio and video of yourself singing a Verdi aria, upload it on YouTube, and get viewers to 'like' your page. Videos with the most 'likes' wins!

Note though that there are two contests though interconnected: one is to win a 600 Euro scholarship to fly to audition for the masterclasses, and the other, a confirmed place in the masterclasses worth 4,500 Euros. Frankly I'm a little confused trying to sieve out information from the Italian-translated English of their official website(s), so why don't you go figure it out yourself here?

Official eDM:

Official promo video:

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  1. I think It IS 4500 euros is the masterclass and they give you 600 euros to support part of the fees.


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